Hello, User

Please stay on this site at least for a couple of sentences. OK? Maybe you don't like the site because you are visiting it through browser like Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 or other outdated browser. Relax you can fix it simply by downloading a browser - there is a link at the top of the page (I personally recommend Google Chrome, but it is up to you). So now I guess you are ready. It's time to explain why this website was designed. It was done for the sake of a contest but that is not all. It should have been created anyway. It's time for us to live with future, go further, not to stay still. Just spend a couple of minutes and take a look at the site. The website is not functional but it consists of the basic sections. Simply there is just text in Home and About Me sections but check this out – you can hide the text and leave just the animation visible, isn't it cool. The third section consists of two examples - navigation menu and table that represent how interactive the web controls could be and not wondering on what control your mouse is over. The forth section is a bit different. I was just sitting in my chair and wondering… hmmmm… what else the web could offer. And I came up with two ideas – you gonna see them. Do you like the website? Please send your opinions on css3.is.the.best@gmail.com, they are very important for me and I cannot wait to read your critics, ideas or answer your questions.