I am a graphic and web designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil. I have been working creating and developing websites since 1999, however my first experiments with this new media started a little bit earlier, around 96.

In 2004 I started ZEE with a great friend of mine and architect, Fabiano Meneghetti. At ZEE we help companies to have a better presence online through well crafted websites. Besides ZEE I am the founder of Abduzeedo, a personal project that has become the biggest promoter of my work. Abduzeedo is now one of the design world's most sought after blog for inspiration and tutorials.

After these years I have worked on really cool projects for web and print media as well. Including clients such as MSNBC, Wired UK, Adobe, Digital Arts Magazine, Abril and others. If you want to hire me as freelancer contact me via: fabio@fabiosasso.com